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Our Administration

Dominica State College is Dominica’s premier higher education institution. We use sound nationally and internationally developed educational principles, practices and well-trained personnel to provide leadership in the delivery of high quality post-secondary education and training to all Dominicans in an environment conducive to lifelong learning.

Our goal is to provide leadership by catering to the personal and national development needs of Dominica and providing quality academic programmes and superior professional leadership, employing  innovative and current strategies and technologies.

The administration of Dominica State College is led by a Board of Governors that oversees the effective operations of the institution. The Board of Governors provides oversight to the College Management, which includes the following positions.


Dr. Donald C. Peters, President

Michael Green, Registrar

Ms. Chekira Lockhart, Officer-in-Charge Bursar

Mrs. Sophia Albert-Charles, Senior Administrative Officer (Human Resource)

Mr. Rawle Leslie, Dean Faculty of Applied Arts & Technology

Mr. Ashley Massicotte, Dean Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Ms. Catherine Abraham, Dean Faculty of Education

Dean Faculty of Health Sciences

Ms. Nadine Riviere, Dean of General Studies Division

Ms. Katie Julien, Director Tourism & Hospitality Studies

Ms. Jacqueline Royer, Director Learning Resources

Trudy Christian, Director Student Activities (Ag)

Mr. Brian Meade, Consultant of Facilities and Operations