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Persons who graduated from 1994 to 2016 and have not collected their Certificate/Diploma are asked to do so IMMEDIATELY or pay a storage fee of $5 every month. Effective date of this notice is January 31, 2017.
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Registration for classes is done online. Students will not be able to register WITHOUT having paid the required down payment.

Online Registration
  2. Present your Acceptance Letter to your course advisor in the room indicated.
  3. Consult your Advisor regarding the best courses to register for this semester.
  4. Fill in the blank timetable for your preferred class time based on the Class Schedule
  5. On any computer, log into Orbund from the dsc.edu.dm website using the username and password provided.  Your role is student.
  6. Go to Class Enrollment & Schedule on the main menu
  7. Ensure that the semester you want to register for is the one selected from the drop down menu
  8. Click Class enrollment followed by Add by Programme.  
  9. Select Class” window will then appear. You will see all the courses you are eligible to register for.  If a class is full or you do not have the pre-requisites required, you will not be able to select that class.  Choose another available class.
  10. Click on Add then Close at the bottom of the list of classes. If you want to remove a course, highlight the name and click Drop. You will be limited in the number of courses you can register for based on your GPA.  For first semester you can register for up to 19 credits if you have gotten full acceptance or 13 credits if you are on conditional acceptance.  You will be registered for the introductory English and Mathematics classes by the Office of the Registrar
  11. Click Submit – your registration is now complete
  12. Click on Class Schedule to view your time table
  • N.B. Click on Classes to see the classes you have registered for.  If a course name is missing, you have not registered for that course.  It is advisable to re-check your schedule as changes can be made to the schedule up to the end of the first week of the semester.

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