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What is an Associate Degree?

An Associate Degree is a post secondary qualification awarded to students who successfully complete a specified number of courses in full-time or equivalent part-time programmes.  It is generally equivalent to the first two years of a related four year Bachelor’s Degree, and comprises major, general elective, core and elective courses.  The minimum number of credits for an Associate Degree is sixty (60).  However there are programmes that require more to meet the graduation criteria.  A combination of majors will also mean that you will need far more than 60 credits.

What is a Credit?

A credit is a unit of academic measurement for a prescribed course.  It is expressed in terms of number of contact (teaching or practical) hours.  For example 13-15 contact (teaching) hours equal one (1) credit.  Three practical hours equal one teaching hour.  A three (3) credit course therefore would be 39-45 contact hours.     

What is a major?

An area of concentrated study within a particular field: example Mathematics or Plumbing.

What is a core course?

A compulsory course which must be taken as part of your Associate Degree programme requirement.

What is a requirement?

Any course, not directly related to the major which must be taken as part of your programme requirement.

What is a Grade Point Average?

A numerical score equivalent to different grade letters as per the DSC grading scheme (see student handbook 16).  At the end of the semester a cumulative grade point average calculated using the formula: ∑(GPA x Credits) ÷ ∑ Credits.  A student with a CGPA of 3.00 has an average of 70-74 for the courses taken.  All courses count toward your GPA with the exception of zero level and withdrawn c courses.

What is a Pre-Requisite?

A pre-requisite is a course which is required for a student to do another course.  For example, a student must have a grade I or II pass at General Proficiency at CSEC Mathematics in order to qualify for Mathematics as a major at the DSC, or pass MATH15 to be able to do MATH121 (refer to programme outlines on page .

How do I choose my Courses?

Please pay special attention to the course outline provided for you in when you commence your programme of studies, as it indicates the courses that you will need to take every semester based on your programme.  While you may change the order in which you do courses, pay close attention to your course advisor who will provide guidance about registration.  You may also refer to the Dean of your Faculty or Office of the Registrar throughout your course of study. From your second semester and beyond you will only be allowed to register for courses for which you have passed the prerequisites.  The number of courses you can register for will depend on your GPA. You are responsible for putting your timetable together based on the courses available each semester,

How do I add or drop or change a course?

You can only do so online within the designated period using the Electronic Student Information System.  

What does it mean to withdraw from a course?

After the period for dropping a course has passed, you may withdraw from a course up to 5 weeks before the end of classes by informing the lecturer and the Office of the Registrar. You will be billed for these courses and will receive a W grade which does not affect your GPA.  There is no withdrawal from courses during the summer session.

How do I change or my major(s)?

You may wish to change your major.  You have ONE week in which to do so in Semester 1 and by the designated date in Semester 2.  Ensure that you have the requirements to choose the new major before you apply.  Once you are certain, collect a change of major form from the Office of the Registrar or online from dsc.edu.dm, have it signed by the Faculty Dean and return the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. Only after these change(s) appears on your profile will you be registered for the courses applicable to that major.  DO NOT FOLLOW CLASSES IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION TO DO SO.  If permission is not granted you may appeal to the DSC President.

When do I graduate?

To be eligible for graduation you need to complete all the requirement(s) for each programme in which you are enrolled, pay all outstanding fees and apply for graduation.  A full time student may complete in 2 calendar years, however a student will be allowed up to 5 years after commencement of studies to graduate from an Associate Degree programme.


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